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Somalia: Dubai Host Regional somali leaders on upcoming elections.

The leaders of Somali regional administration are attending a meeting for the 4th day in Dubai ahead of Somali election scheduled by the end of this month, sources said.

UAE is hosting the meeting in Dubai for the Somali leaders, to discuss the electoral process of 2016 election and others issues related to the security.

UAE which is a key partner for the country’s regional progress is said to have been looking to an appropriate candidate to support him for the presidency.

Reports from Dubia indicate that UAE have recoiled their support from the outgoing president who is also vying to be reelected in the forthcoming elections.

Now the UAE is favoring two candidates who are not mentioned and called regional leaders to vote one of them, vowing more support to regional leaders including an annual monitory fund.

Now final negotiations are under way in Dubai as UAE increased its political leverage on Somalia’s immoral politics.  The horn of African nation will hold its first credible elections later this month in Mogadishu.

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