Somalia: dozens arrested in Baladweyne explosive seized security forces along with AMISOM police troops have beefed up a security measure in a bid to thwart Al Shabaab fighter’s attempts, locals and officials said.The operation took place at Koshin and Howl wadaag neighborhoods in Baladweyne, with security forces arrested around two hundreds  people in connection with rising insecurity acts in Baladweyne, the capital of Hiiraan region.Somali security officials said that the troops seized Improvised Explosive Divices, ammunition and at least 11 AK47s in suspect’s home during the massive swoop in the town.They added that the crackdown will be continued until Baladweyne residents can live with out coordinated killings and bombings in the town.Despite the situation returns back to normal as the Gov’t troops are visible at main roads in Baladweyne.Baladweyne, a town just situated some 206 miles (332 km) north of Mogadishu