Somalia down to a grave digged by its own citizens!

Please don’t read this if you are a Somali Politian whose age is either over or under 50 years. We all have inherited a misfortune to watch our land taking a last breath and the worst is that we are unable to save it.

The reason is not that we lack the ability to take such an action but simply that we don’t want. We hate each other more than our enemies, Kenya and Ethiopia. These two nations are now on their last mission to annex the rest of the country.

If Somalia is taken away so are its people, Somalis, It is all about that Somalis are going to face a change of their identity and once the identity is being changed, the culture vanishes and so does the religion. I know, there is no a hope, but can a new hope be created is the question I wonder. The power of the Islamic religion, as far as I am aware of with all its lofty ideals, is that it can create a heart of a despaired believer a new and fresh hope. But there must be one condition if this may become true; the believer must be a faithful and at the same time has to be ready to take the responsibility.

The resources I sometimes quote when I write include the works of many well-known thinkers who introduced the world many new and useful ways to confront the everyday challenges that the world presents. The better any nation overcome the challenges of the time they are living the brighter the future the people of the nation expect. I do consider that these thinkers are human beings like us and can only have access to discover very limited realities of the world, but on the other hand I believe in the Koranic version which says; “Callamal Insaana Maa lam yaclam”.

A new hope can be created for Somalis.

The thinker I am going to invite to the task I have imposed myself is John Poul Satre 1905-1980 for his existentialism idea. He is very important figure to the subject I am dealing with in my thesis. It deals with how it is necessary for one to take his/her responsibly. What I know about Satres notions on this issue (although many of his concepts are irrelevant and incompatible with our own traditional moral values) is that his ideas vigorously succeeded to create a new hope in the hearts of the French men and women after the Second World War.

The French people had a very dreadful past and uncertain future after hard years of German occupation. The massage he delivered at that period was that people were responsible for the period the history they were living. He told them that they had not only the right to choose but the duty to choose. “If you were now surrounded by poverty, war, oppression and cruelty that was what you had chosen” he concluded. He actually goes beyond the traditional terms of placing the ”responsibility” elsewhere for example by blaming the regimes, politicians, intellectuals and scholars of the past and the present. We humans have the abilities to develop new methods in order to escape from the reality whenever the time has showed us its negative side.

Instead we develop the courage to confront its complexity we create by our fantasies another better day to come. Of course, another better day can come believing in the Koranic version which says; “Laa Taqnadhuu Min Raxmatillaah”. Besides this we cannot ignore the other Koranic version which says; Inallaha Laa Yuqayiro Maa Biqoomin Xaa Yuqajiro Maa Bi An Fusihim. These are all calls that we Somalis must start somewhere by ourselves.

The doorbell has been ringing for the last twenty five years.

First and foremost I must acknowledge that I am one of you, in other words, that I am one of those generations that Satres message directs to. We Somalis are right now witnessing, no matter where we are on earth, that our existence as a nation is at stake and the future is becoming darker and darker. The doorbell has been ringing for the last twenty five years and up to now none of us, as far as I know, has managed to fathom the sound of the doorbell as warning-that we are losing the country.

I can no longer predict how many years left for us (Somalis) to remain to be ethnically homogenous. I am even unable to find out that we were already registered either as if we were Kenyans or Ethiopians by some organizations or governments. For example, in Sweden where I live now my nationality is not clear despite the fact that I told them that I came from Somalia and I was Somali, but they didn’t care about that. No single Somali in Sweden after 1992 (I really don’t know about other countries but just in Sweden) has been registered as a Somali.

Can we say that this was the beginning of the gradual decay of Somali identity? Whatever we could conceive or interpret the idea, one thing is very certain, that we are at lose. It is extremely important for this to be taken serious; horn of Africa is on the way of its own grave digged by her own people especially her political leaders supported by the silent majority. If the majority of Somalis remain silent, it means that they give an affirmative answer to the subject at hand. Albert Einstein said” The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing” We are now witnessing a very painful event, we are losing Somalia. What we see is the soil we came from is being taken away by two countries, Kenya and Ethiopia. In my eyes we can no longer be silent and watch the evil.

Kenya and Ethiopia hate us more than we love them.

These two nations have nothing in common except that they both hate us more than we love them. We openly invite them to take our most precious assets; our children, brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers and above all the land. We allow them to change our culture and the only religion we are proud of, Islam. They took and are taking now our properties without father efforts, no bloodshed, no tears, just they take as their own. In his first speech on 13 may 1940 Winston Churchill, who became prime mister of united kingdom in the first year of the second world war, started with a phrase, which later has become famous; ”I have nothing to offer you but blood, toil, tears and sweat”.

Through his speech he told his people how serious the business ahead would be and also responded to German’s preparation for the invasion of Britain. In reality now we Somalis have no a leader or leaders whom we can expect such words which may create and bring among us a sense of nationalism. If we just let Kenya and Ethiopia takes all these things, which I have named, without exchanging for anything of value, don’t we love them more than they hate us?
We can say “NO” to the enemy.

We are in despair; our eyes cannot see a hope on the horizon, our minds have ceased to rethink and then invent any positive new ideas. Our heart has become so strong that it even cannot be induced any hope of the future neither does it accept any idea that suggests a better future for the next generation. The main reason of all is that we are not ready to take any responsibility, we are not prepared to leave the past behind and to reinvent the ideas that may give birth the remedy for our present misery. The best method which, a Somali person who is ready and want to oppose with “a no respond” for those who are taking the country, is to claim a responsibility for what is going on now when it comes the Somali policy as a whole.

The first step you need to take is not to listen, obey and respect as a represent of your own every politician who is older than 50 years and has been in politics through his/her own life time or at least has been in politics the last 20 years. Because it is those politicians who, in my point of view, directly or indirectly put the state (Somalia) and the nation (Somalis) in this trap.You need not even have any respect for those politicians who are under 50 of age and have modeled the first group. The reason is that they are already losers; they can neither save the country nor come with a new vision. Even if they try to make change their efforts may only serve in favor of the enemy, because he who models or copies a loser becomes a loser. If you stop to listen and obey them by allowing them not to control your mind and critical thinking then you a little bit dare to claim the responsibility for your own future.

Work without payment

Of course the claiming of any responsibility demands hard tasks from you. For example, you have voluntarily taken over you responsibility from your so-called represent and although it was you who indirectly used to pay him but now no one pays you. You should work free of charge and here is where the wisdom that you would save the country takes its root. A new era emerges in your life and with it a change of every aspect of your life flows, a pure personality of your own is going to be reflected in your actions. You also began to accept that from now on you are even responsible for the land (Somalia) which is already on the verge of its grave.

This responsibility compels you to admit that you are not going be innocent if the country is being taken over by Kenya and Ethiopia. A dead man is not a man whose body was laid down in a grave but the one who places the responsibility of his/her own life and future elsewhere, the one who trusts and waits for those I call failures, they are those with their presence was introduced 4.5, the present political power sharing system in Somalia. They did not only consent but also were and are comfortable with the injustice among us right now. When they are asked “why”, they are unable to give a satisfactory justification (although no excuse can be found in the eyes of this modern world) for their political decisions for 4.5. They even still don’t regret it after they have seen the bad consequences of their decision.

Here is how and where you can start your emancipation practically

Now you are about to take the voyage that you are going to liberate yourself with the full knowledge that no one on earth is able to free you from the gigantic chains which the past and present so- called politicians placed on you, but yourself. The first group you should free from yourself must be local politicians. You have gotten from me the method to execute the emancipation mission. What you are expected to do, if you have rightly understood the heart of my massage, is first to feel the yoke that is on your shoulders.

And then question everyone who happens to be the ownership of the yoke. You should tell that you are now going to make you future by your hands and at the same time are not going to blame anyone longer. After this you will become a mentally mature and your personal confidence will increase, you will not any longer allow any person to determine whether you change your identity, culture and religion. It is you who, with the help of Allah, will shape your future. It is you who will decide if you remain to be Somali. To take all these steps, I promise, you don’t need to be an expert of any subject, but to ask yourself only one question; why one chooses to be your leader. You cannot get the right answer to this question unless you ask the right person and the right person is your local politician. The answer you would get and your experience may help you whether we Somalis will survive as a nation after 2030.

We are running out of time!

I am departing from facts and figures when it concerns the subject I am going to deal with in this part of my work. On October 3third 2008, my eyes unexpectedly cough unpleasant article with a tittle” Why Kenya and Ethiopia ought to annex and divide Somalia” it was daily Nation newspaper in Kenya which published the article. The writer of the article was Donald Kipkorir. He put his main argument in this way; “If we do not annex Somalia and now, we will be a victim of its failed status and pulled down by it.

We will not be able to achieve our strategic foreign policy in the region, or attain the Vision 2030 goal”. On the 4fouth October I was one of those who managed to contact the writer and asked only one question: why now in twenty first century he thinks the idea that Somalia should be taken away from Somalis. He replied; “but how else can we stop the cycle of violence and blood that feeds itself in Somalia”. This was our first and last email exchange between me and him. I really took the idea very serious, knowing that Somalis did whatever could cause that “a nation” would lose a land. I have always been realistic all in my life. I started to turn my attention and focus on Kenya and Ethiopian policy in regional level. After three years, 2011 Kenyan troops entered Somalia by force, without any authority from Somali parliament in Mogadishu and since then they have been in Somalia. Now 2015, it is only fifteen years which left if we just look at Kenya and Ethiopia’s strategic foreign policy in the region as is was stated on the article.

I have tried to spread the message and made many Somalis, whom I thought to be free from the prejudices of clan, based political system in Somalia, informed. I still wage my campaign to influence for those I can reach. I know we are running out of time because we have only 15 years to save the country from Kenya and Ethiopia. I can imagine it is really extremely difficult to save a country whose people, more than 55 years, has not shared any common love among them.

The last time we Somalis shared a common love among Somalis wherever they were was actually 1960 when we got our freedom from colonizers Italy and Britain and I believe that love has died where it was born. Even the remains of it can hardly be found the hearts of the people who were living at that period. That love is replaced by hatred among Somalis which inhibits us to discover the fact that we are losing the motherland. The challenge faces for those of you, with your competent and nationalism think to help Somalis, is that to eradicate that hatred which is 55 years old. It is a hatred which is older than those who are going to declare war of it. I believe the mission is not so easy to be accomplished, but feasible.

Ali Amiin