somalia: Clan fighting rages in Mahaday district overnight

2008-05-12 11:49:50-One of the heaviest clan clashes has rocked in Garab Adde village 30km west of Mahaday district of middle Shabelle region on Sunday night-residents said.

Some residents told Mareeg online that one person has died in the clash that created additional fear among the village’s inhabitants.

More over elders in the region have started to shuttle-through the two warring sides to get cool the intensifying clash stuck between the two sides.

” It was bad night for us last night, because of fighting we couldn’t know where we could go at that time, what a it was worse night” Hajiya Halima an elder woman in the area told Mareeg online as the fighting was expanding into new areas.

It’s the first clan-clash happened in the region this month after the elders in the Region have succeeded to prevent sub-clan skirmishing that might happen in the region on April after two resident clans have started rearming and regrouping for fight.

Mareeg online reporter in the region says that the fighting might resume today if the elders couldn’t accomplish something to bring to a standstill this divergence.