somalia: car bomb killed lawmaker outside his palace

Mogadishu (— Mohamed Warsame Feysal who currently served as a parliamentarian died in a tragic car explosion today at midday near Mogadishu’s presidential palace.

The explosion which is believed to have been implanted in the car used by Mr. Warsame exploded after arriving at the first gate of the prime ministers residential home located few kilometers from the presidential palace.

The death of the deceased member of Somalia’s parliament was confirmed to Shabelle by Abdi Barre Yusuf who is also a current MP.

Mr. Barre confirm that the deceased was with another diplomat known as Amina Mohamed who once held a ministerial post during the era of prime minister Ali Gedi;however Mrs Amina luckily sustained injuries and is currently under medical care.

The vehicle used by the deceased Mp departed from the presidential palace and exploded moments after arriving at the first gate of the outgoing prime minister’s residential home as told by Mr. Barre.

Mohamed Warsame who was the current chairman the parliament’s public committee requested the Federal Government to release the Shabelle journalists unconditionally and exercise the freedom of speech.

The culprits behind the killing of the parliamentarian are not yet known as for now and no group has come out to claim the responsibility.