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Somalia calls on Kenya to stop interfering its affairs

The Federal Government of Somalia calls upon the Government of Kenya to immediately halt its ongoing violations of the Federal Republic of Somalia’s sovereignty and encroachment in the border areas between the two countries.

The Federal Government of Somalia has decided to pursue necessary avenues, including diplomatic efforts as part of its constitutional mandate of protecting the unity and sovereignty of Somalia including defending against all actions that undermine the stability and sovereignty of the country.

The Federal Government of Somalia has unsuccessfully waited for the government of the Republic of Kenya to protect against all actions that pose a threat to the historical relations between the two nations, and the longstanding economic, security and political cooperation between the two governments and citizens.

The FGS appreciates its regional neighbors and other nations on the African continent for their brotherly gesture in providing support to the people and the Federal Government of Somalia in different forms including contributing their troops to the liberation of the country from terrorist organizations.

However, we maintain that at no given time will we tolerate any country that is part of troop-contributing countries to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to overstep its mandate and abuse its membership and interfere in the internal affairs of host country with total disregard of the stipulated regulations of the Federal Government of Somalia.

The Federal Government of Somalia remains committed to supporting all AMISOM authorized and AMISOM led operations, but as an independent and sovereign nation; it will not tolerate the least a form of intrusion or encroachment to its sovereignty by any given state.

Kenya’s continued intrusion in the border areas outrightly undermines the stability and sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The FGS wishes to remind Kenya of Somalia’s consistent maintenance of good neighborliness, tolerance, and commitment to regional stability and at the same time warns Kenya against its new conduct against Somalia’s sovereignty, which damages international agreements, the principles of the African Union, bilateral agreements and the overall security of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

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