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somalia: Awdal elders dismiss Somaliland’s petition as fabrication

Traditional elders in Awdal region of northern Somalia have dismissed the breakaway Somaliland’s secession petition as fabrication.
An elder who hail from says Awdal region are not signatory to the petition as Somaliland claimed.

Somaliland say that they have successfully gather One million signatures that shows Somalilanders want to become independent from Somalia.

Somaliland consider Awadal sanaag and ayn regions as part of their territories as these cities were part of old British protector.
Ahmed Goboobe, a traditional elder who spoke to somalila radio station”said people of Awdal region which is administratively under Somaliland are not signatory to the petition.
It worth noting that Somalia is tribal people and nearly half of Somalilanders are against break from greater Somalia.

Somaliland, a former colony of Britain declared a unilateral independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991 but no country has so far recognized it as an independent state.
International community several times tried to open talks between the Federal Somali government which insists Somaliland to be part of the Horn of Africa nation and leaders from northern breakaway region.
Turkey which is a close ally of Somalia has hosted latest two conferences which brought together both sides but talks broke down.
The last one which took place in March last year collapsed after Somaliland delegates refused to sit with the delegation from Mogadishu, saying that some of the federal government delegation actually hailed from territory claimed by Somaliland in the north-western region.

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  1. David Olson says

    Hh Thats your mind growth dears and wrong understood the word fabrication Because always your outlets is fabrication , The Somaliland secession is reality on the africa its a peaceful nation democratic nation while somalia has not and last 25 years somalia is a failed state why you wrong understand the right direction state you’ll not reached forever for their stage on internationally because still you’ll state building. APROVED?NOTE DAVID SOMALI POLITICS IS VERY COMPLICATED GAME AND YOU NEED READ BIT MORE

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