Somalia army takes several villages invaded by Al Shabaab government troops took control of several villages from Al Shabaab militants after deadly battle that lasted for hours, regional governor said.

Somalia’s regional governor of Lower Shabelle, Mohamed Nor told the Media that government soldiers had re-gained control of Marerey, Sabiid and Anoole villages from Al Shabaab.

Mr. Nor said that the move came after heavily armed Al Shabab gunmen stormed three villages in the region then lectured villages to shun coalition forces.

Mohamed added that its soldiers had successfully rescued dozens of hostages who were wanted to be shot dead by the Al Shabaab militants.

“Number of Al Shabab gunmen invaded our villages then we were lectured for hours but nothing else happened” a resident told Shabelle Media based in Mogadishu.

This raid happened last night, according a local resident who asked to be unnamed for reprisal attacks on his life.

Mr. Mohamed Nor stated that government soldiers backed by African Union troops would launch military offensive against Al Shabaab, in a bid to eradicate the militants from the region