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Kenya: AMISOM ignores to join war on Al Shabaab

MOGADISHU – The African Union mission in Somalia  – AMISOM forces of sector 2 in Kismayo-were accused of refusing to join in the ongoing fighting against Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group.
The refusal was made by Kenyan Defense Forces serving under African Union mission — AMISOM has emerged as heavy fighting forces against Al Shabaab that is ongoing near Kismayo town, some 528km away from Somali capital Mogadishu say ” Kenya sector 2″

Kismanyo is Situated 528 km Southwest of Mogadishu near the mouth of the Jubba River, Kismayo is the third largest city in Somalia and the capital city of Lower Jubba region. The port city is the commercial hub of Jubbaland regions and southern parts of the country and has a strategic significance, being halfway between Mogadishu and the Kenyan border. It acts as a commercial center for products from the pastoral, fishery and agriculturally rich hinterland.

There has been a new report suggesting that Kenya’s military has done a brisk business in sugar and charcoal in Kismayo, Somalia, since pushing al-Shabab from the southern port city in 2012.
But the trade has become a key financial lifeline for the Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group it is there to fight.

Published by the nonpartisan watchdog organization Journalists for Justice, the report accuses top Kenya officials  of being involved in an illicit export operation worth between $200 and $400 million per year.

The AMISOM is the multinational peace enforcement mission battling al-Shabab.

Somalia’s Jubbaland army commander, Salman Ahmed Bashir says the African Union Forces in Kismayo town, is not ready to be part of military operations against Al Shabaab.

“I don’t know why AMISOM forces’ commanders in sector 2 refused to work with us in fighting against the armed group in Somalia. We still continue military operations to eradicate the group’s militants”, he said.

Bashir added the AMISOM peacekeepers had played their role in the ongoing operations.

The President of Jubaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam [Ahmed Madobe] held an emergency meeting on Tuesday, in which was discussed on fighting against Al Shabaab.

Mr. Ahmed Madobe urged AMISOM forces to join in fighting that is ongoing near the coastal town of Kismayo.

Tuesday fighting between Somali army forces and Al Shabaab has killed at least seven militants and injured 5 other soldiers near the town of Kismayo, according to military officials.

There was no comment from African Union mission in Somalia over the allegations.


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