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Somalia: Al-Shabaab vows to destroy pro-Islamic State group

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab militants in Somalia has vowed to destroy pro-Islamic State group in Somalia, calling IS as “disease” and “cancer”.

The group’s spokesman, Sheikh Ali Mohamoud Rage (Ali Dhere) says Al-Shabaab fighters have been ordered to “uproot” the Islamic State militants in Somalia,

In an audio message from the group’s leadership Sheikh Ali Mohamud threatened to “confront” Islamic State in Somalia.

He accused Islamic State of targeting business people and killing Al-Shabaab fighters, saying IS group as “liars, untrustworthy, conniving, and treacherous”.

The warning message comes after last Friday Al-Shabaab sent a small unit to Cal-Miskaad Mountains west of Bosaso town in north of Somalia where Al Shabaab fought with Islamic State fighters.

But, the Islamic State claimed to have killed 14 Al Shabaab fighters and seized weapons from the Al Qaeda inspired group’s fighters during the latest fighting.

The two sides have faced each other in Miraale area west of Bosaso.

There were unconfirmed reports of airstrike on Tuesday in Mirale area where the two group clashed in each other, but it is unclear who was target of the airstrike.

The Islamic State launched a counter-attack in which it claimed to have killed 14 Al Shabaab fighters and lost 3 and retook the water point.

However, Al Shabaab group received reinforcement from Galgala to countinue fighting against Islamic State fighters in the area of Mirale.

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