Somalia: A Somali regional President’s Bodyguard attack a Somali Female journalist for her work

By Ahmed — A Somali Female journalist says three members of a Somali President’s Bodyguards have attacked her amid reporting on corruption and politics.

Bahjo Abdullahi Mohamed, One of the women reporters of Voice of Peace, a Galkayo-based radio station says Galmudug President Ahmed Dualle Geelle Haaf’s bodyguards tortured and sexually assaulted her during Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s visit to Galkayo.

In a post on her Facebook account on Tuesday, the journalist said that she is suffering both physically and psychologically after the incident. The motive for the attacking was not immediately clear.

“A driver in a car masqueraded as my colleagues offered me a lift, only to fall into the hands of gangs,” said Mrs. Mohamed in a post that had been shared over 3,820 times and liked over 14,000 times.

When she got into the car, she saw three strange men wearing Somali National Army’s uniform who locked the car’s tinted windows to stop her escaping from them before taking her to house in Northern Galmudug.Later the men turned to be guards of President Haaf.

Attacking journalists in revenge after covering corruption and politics has been common in Somalia but a sexual assault against Somali women journalists is a new thing.

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