Somalia:Khatumo Sate put to an end the Clan Feuds In Erigabo

Ali Muse Jama, a member of Somalia’s northern self-declared semi-autonomous region of Khatumo said they have succeeded to bring an end to inter-clan clashes Erigavo town, following mediations.

MP Jama added that local traditional elders have helped Khatumo state officials to halt the bloodshed n between the warring clans who accepted peace after peace talks on the conflict.

The two tribal militias have engaged fierce battles in the rural areas on the border between Sanaag and Nugaal regions in northern Somalia after killings of two people which led to clan revenge feuds.

However, the inter-clan violence has effected livelihood of the local residents in Khatumo administered areas, who fled their houses due to the escalating tensions and recurrent clashes.

The people have welcomed the new peace deal. source

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