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Somalia: 3 soldiers sentenced to 5 years for robberies


MOGADISHU, Somalia – A Somali military court has on Thursday sentenced three government soldiers to 5 years in prison for their involvement in the robberies in Somali capital Mogadishu.

The soldiers were accused of assaulting at Hormud Telecom branches in the capital, taking from $11,354 earlier this month, court chief, Hassan Ali Nour Shoute said.

Shoute says the soldiers, who carried out the armed robberies had been arrested by security forces, following days of security operation in Mogadishu.

Here is the list of soldiers arrested for ‘armed robberies’

1: Abdikarim Mouse Muhudin

2: Aweis Farah Mohamud

3: Mohamed Ali Mohamud

He said that the court sentenced the soldiers to 5 years in jail for each one, after being convicted of carrying out armed robberies.

Last month, Somali military court carried out a sentence of 18 soldiers to 5 years term in prison after accusing them of committing violence against army’s code in Mogadishu.

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