Somalia: 14 civilians excuted By kismanyo militia including well known elder and women militia in Kismayo have assassinated 14 civilians in the past three days, eyewitnesses and elders confirmed.
A well known elder named Abdi Hurre Hassan and four women are among those assassinated in Kismayo. The elder was among five men tortured and killed on Sunday.

According to eyewitnesses these victims were arrested from their homes by the Raskamboni militia during search operation in the town. The people were killed relating to their clan identities, the sources said.

Raskamboni militia have fought to the capoture of Kismayo alongside wuth the Kenyan Army in 2011. But these militias are now decrribed as thr Jubb Security Forces and are officially under the command of Jubba Interim Leader Ahmed Mohamed Islan {Ahmed Madobe}.

Kismayo has been a hotspot for clan-based warfare since June last year as more than 600 civilians were killed during heavy shelling and direct gunfire by the Raskamboni militia and the Kenyan Army after the clan militias opposed the so-called Jubbaland government declared in Kismayo in June. source