Somali sporting veteran says: Banadir Sports Club are ‘history rewriters’ league title holders of Somalia’s Nation Link Telecom championship Banadir Sports Club have rewritten an age-old history for winning the country’s most populous sporting event ‘unbeaten’

Former Somali National football squad Member and the country’s still ‘a live’ most renowned sports veteran Haji Mohamed Ahmed Olow told SFF soccer magazine that it was more than half a century ago when the last Somali football club won the country’s division A league with the ‘unbeaten’ record.

“In Somalia’s football history Gaadiidka which previously known as ‘Autobar’ was the first club who won the league title ‘unbeaten’ and that was in 1956 and since then they have been the record holders until after Banadir Sports club did the same record in 2014” Haji Olow said.

He explained that Gaadiidka won the league in three successive years: 1955, 1956 and 1957 and finally they won in 1990 before the country fell into anarchy.

The former Ocean starts playmaker Haji Mohamed Ahmed Olow who retired in 1970 said that Banadir Sports Club must have been recognized as ‘history rewriters’ of Somalia’s most populous sporting competition, the SFF nation Link Telecom championship.

“I have more history and I am calling on Somali journalists to come to me and write from me while I am still alive” said Haji Mohamed Ahmed Olow who himself has the record of becoming Somalia’s first ever international basketball referee in 1974.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Banadir sports club Abukar Mohamed Sheik said he was very happy that his team made a giant history in Somali football for the first time in more than half a century.

“I am really very proud that we have made a remarkable history which coincides with my first year I am leading the club as its chairman—it is impossible that you approach such victory in football without investment, so I would like to thank all those who have invested in the club” Mr. Abukar Mohamed Sheik said.

Somali Football federation Media Department