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Somali Solidarity with the Oromo and Amhara peoples

By by Yasiin Sugule-The so-called Somali Regional President, Abdi Mohamud Omer made recently a public announcement video to divide the Ethiopian nations and nationalities. He started his speechby saying, “The citizens of the Somali Region are aware of the privilege gained under the TPLF rule, but my message is for the diaspora”.

I am sure when he was saying this, he was talking about only himself and his close relatives who robbed the wealth and dignity of the Somali People in Kilil5, not anyone else. In summary, the imprudent Abdi Mohamed said if the Tigriyan who created equality in Ethiopia lose power, the Somali people would be subjected to hegemony and one clan domination.

Such low level and desperate political tactics is designed by TPLF and disseminate trough the nominal and cowardice Somali leaders to create refit between the Somali people and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia particularly the Oromo brothers and Amhara Community.

Abdi Omer, the handpicked moron Somali Region leader is also using such a horrific tragedy to show his loyalty and possibly prolong his tenure by fear mongering politics.

We, the Somali people know for sure, Abdi and his master’s days are numbered, when the one ethnic régime government of TPLF is replaced by government of the people for the people, a democratic government that respects all the differentethnicity in Ethiopia, certainly, Abdi Mohamud Omer and his handful clans men, who currently has an absolute power in Somali region political and economy will be brought to justice. The Somali Region people is and will always be in solidarity with our brothers and sister of the heroic Oromo, Amhara and the rest of Ethiopians who are fighting for freedom and equality.

The Somali people have never suffered as much as it suffered under Abdi Omer be it when he was the head of the Security Coordination Bureau or now. Never has it occurred in the history of the region grandmothers to be raped in such horrific scale, elders to be tortured and executed in such numbers, youth transformed into monstrous criminals in uniform (Liyu police), who take as a budge of honorand pride for killing and raping their own people, not even in the brutal Derg regime. While the current president has embezzled millions of the Somali region public asset buying homes In Texas and United Arab Emirates and bribing the military commanders who are keeping him in power.

TPLF has plundered land, asset and representations from other Ethiopians regions to Tigray. In 1995 when the EPRDF government instituted the federal parliament policy, they said it would be based on regional populations. Obviously, the Somali population is the 3rd largest ethnic group and 2nd largest regionin Ethiopia federal system, yet, when the representations divided to the nine regions, theSomali representative members of the Federal parliament which was 37 was stripped and given to Tigray while the Somali Region was left with 23 representative which supposed to be the number of the Tigary region. At numerous occasions the Late Prime minster was asked about this situations, and always said it will be corrected in the next election.

Ironically, we are here after 23 years where Abdi Ilay is defending TPLF mascara, land grabbing and one clan domination, an organization that would not allow the Somali people the fair share of the parliament representation, let alone to rule their own region freely and choose whomever they want, what a shame!

These so-called Somali regional government leader’s gives the social, political and economic mayhems of the Somali Regional state a local color in order to show that it is governed by its own people, that there is development and progress.Unfortunately, some disconnected diaspora people have bought into this deceit. The fact of the matter remains however, the policy and the decisions are reached in Addis Ababa, solely by TPLF politicians. TPLF has decided to deploy policies that are detrimental to peace and development in the region. It has employed the old tactic of divide and rule and because of TPLF’s harmful policies in every Ethiopian region; Somalis, Afar’s Oromo’s, Amhara’s Gambela and all other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia are in anguish.

More than 25 long and painful years has lapsed since the current EPRDF government took over Ethiopia and introduced the system of ethnic based federal system.  This federalism, at least in theory, was designed to fulfill the long anticipated aspirations of justice and equality among the Ethiopian different ethnic groups.  Many also expected that the military would be a non- partisan national asset. But the current Ethiopian Defense Force is far from a neutral body or a representative organ. All military commanders in Ethiopia who are currently in charge of the military divisions are from Tigray Region and are the very men and women who fought for the liberation of Tigrai Republic. The Somali Region budget and wealth has been used to bribe these former TPLF generals.

Today, The Somali people cannot even cross their hand over their head to show their insubordination and contempt like the Oromo people, Because, Abdi Ilay and his Tigray Military cartel has managed to kill, the sprit, dignity and defiance of the Somali people, the endless agony and misery of the Somali region cannot be narrated in this article. Hence, Abdi Mohamed Omer has again called upon the Diaspora group to show their support for TPLF or lose their families.

Sadly, there will always be few lunatics that would act upon whatever Abdi say, these are either those supporting him due to loyalty for kinship or those who are coerced and intimidated to show support. The Jigjiga rally does not represent the Somali people’s will and wish; it exhibits a society under captivity lingering under brutal dictatorship, tortured again and again physically, mentally and emotionally and gives up all hope and resistance.

The blood of the young Oromo boys and girls killed in cold blood at irreecha festival will not be forgotten, it will unit all Ethiopian to fight and overthrow the inhumane TPLF regime. The Somali people is and will always stand shoulder to Shoulder with the Oromo people and with the rest of Ethiopiathat are fighting for freedom and equality for all Ethiopians.

Yasiin Sugule


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