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Somali Rowing and Canoeing federation sacks president, interim committee appointed Rowing and Canoeing Federation, has voted for Mr. Ali Mohamed Hussein to lead the federation until next election congress in June 2018 after the federation’s former president, Said Mohamed Mohamud Haid, was dismissed due to lack of transparency and accountability.

According to article 39.9 of the federation’s constitution, if the president is permanently prevented from performing his/her official duty or resigns, then the senior vice president shall ac as an interim president until next election and as a result Mr. Ali Mohamed Hussein was asked to resume duty for a period of one year starting from the date of the extraordinary congress.

The extraordinary congress held at SRCF headquarters in Mogadishu on Sunday 11th of June 2017, reviewed the current situation of the federation whose former president has been accused of huge mismanagement, corruption, failing to cooperate with his Exco members and as well as intentionally blocking the federation’s election after his mandate of leadership ended on 19th of March 2017, according to a communiqué issued by the federation.

The former president also joined the Somali federal parliament as an MP and according to the SRCF constitution anyone who joins politics must be out of the federation which is an sporting organization and has nothing to do with politics.

“The Federation asked the former president to answer all accusations against him to clear himself, but he refused to attend the extraordinary congress or any other executive committee meetings in the past” the communiqué reads.

However, the interim executive board members are as follows:
Mr. Ali Mohamed Hussein:   president
Mohamed Moalim Ahmed:  Senior vice president
Fatima Ali Abdirahman: Vice president
Abdullahi Jeylani Mohamed: vice president
Abdi Mohamed Elmi   
Abdulkader Mohamed Dirshe
Liban Dahir Nur
Bashir Ismail Isse                   General Secretary
Mohamed Ahmed Nur            Assistant General Secretary
By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar

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