Somali refugees in Kasarani decry lack attention from Nairobi embassy

The families of Somali refugees still detained at Kasarani concentration camp in the capital Nairobi have complained about lack of contact from the Somali embassy in the country.

Hundreds of the refugees and their visiting families who still in the camp for months have faulted the embassy for neglect and lack of cooperation to secure their release.Kasarani concentration stadium

Najda Khan a human rights activist whose online campaign to highlight the plight of the prisoners at the center hence provide Iftar during the entire holy month of Ramadan has told Dalsan radio the appalling conditions of the detainees.

“Why are people with nationalities sitting in cells for months, don’t they have embassies to fight for their rights. She said.

” complaints from detainee families is that there is no enough support from the respective governments,” She added.

Najda who is the main character driving #Kasaraniiftar program meant to provide iftar to hundreds of refugees still detained in the Kasarani is calling upon muslims in the country to help in the program while urging Muslim leaders to boycott planned president Uhuru Kenyatta state house iftar invitation to muslims leaders.

Somali ambassador in Kenya Mohamed Ali Noor has said there only four Somalis who are still in Kasarani for investigation.