Somali President: Puntland elections represent “great progress” for Somalia, 7 January 2014 — President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud today welcomed tomorrow’s
presidential elections in Puntland as “great progress” for Somalia.
What is encouraging is that these regular elections strengthen the democratic
tradition and culture in Somalia,the President said. I hugely welcome
the process which has now reached its final stage. Tomorrow Members of Parliament
will be electing the next President of Puntland for a new five-year term. I wish
every success for these elections.

The President congratulated Said Hassan Shire on his election as Puntland Speaker on
4 January, together with his deputies.
The Puntland Parliament has demonstrated great responsibility in managing
this electoral process to date. This has given confidence to the people of Somalia
and in particular the people of Puntland. Tomorrow is a big day and we hope that the
Puntland Parliament continues its excellent work and selects the best

I applaud the role of the traditional elders of Puntland for their selection
of MPs and I congratulate the authorities on sticking to the timetable for these
elections. I thank all the presidential candidates for the calm and peaceful manner
in which they have contested these elections. I also praise the Electoral Commission
for its management of the process and pay tribute to the security forces for
maintaining peace and stability.

“I say to all the candidates, you have a huge responsibility as you seek the
leadership of Puntland and I wish you every success. It’s important for
everyone to recognize the outcome of the vote and then support the elected President
so he can fulfill his duties. Whoever wins tomorrow, it will also be a victory for
all of you, a victory for the people, for Puntland and all of Somalia.


Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow