Somali president extols FIFA

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The president of the Federal republic of Somalia, Professor Hassan Sheik
Mohamud, has enthusiastically commended the world football’s governing
body [FIFA] for its role in the promotion of peace and football
development in the country.

President Mohamud, made the announcement after receiving a gold medal and
a fair play flag from Somali Football federation president, Abdiqani Said
Arab, at Stadium Banadir where the president of the republic arrived and
watched a football match at the invitation of the Somali Football
Federation on Friday.

“On my behalf and on the behalf of the nation of Somalia, I acclaim FIFA
and its leadership for helping the creation of peace and public
integration through football for peace initiatives in the country”
president Hassan Sheik Mohamud told the media.

He said that FIFA was also praiseworthy for financing the construction of
football facilities in the country which he said was encouraging thousands
of youths to refrain from violence and join football.

The real job.

The president said he was fully appreciating the widespread activities
that Somali Football federation is doing in the country adding that the
SFF was the sole institution that has so far done a real work in the

“Actually it is a fantastic move forward that thousands of young people
are arriving here on daily basis to either play or watch football
competitions—this is part of peace building in the country and I applaud
for such a constructive move” president Hassan Sheik Mohamud emphasized.

Amazing experience

The president said that it was an amazing episode that dozens of foreign
football professionals are now playing in the country’s Nation Link
Telecom Championship, saying this was a clear indication that Somalia was
fully back.

“This is what football is all about by bringing people of different
cultural backgrounds together to create friendship and brotherhood amongst
them” noted the president who said he was exited that peace in the country
was accepting foreign players to arrive in Somalia.

Full access to the president’s office.

The president gave Somali Football Federation officials full access to the
presidential palace with no restrictions whenever then need to meet him.

“My office is open to you, so come to me any time and let me know all
concerns you may have” president Hassan Sheik Mohamud told SFF officials
as he and other government officials including ministers and parliament
members enjoyed a football game on Friday.

The football match was part of the memorial commemoration of the 72nd
anniversary of the Somali Youth League (SYL), a group of 13 young men who
brought about Somalia’s independence in 1960. The patriots are now known
as the fathers of independence.

By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar
Somali FA Media Officer

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