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Somali political parties hail outcome of Kismayo meeting

MOGADISHU Somali political parties of Wadajir, Daljir, Kulan, Nabad Party and Horusocod caucus have welcomed the communique by the council of Interstate cooperation on its 3rd assembly in Kismayo.

We share similar sentiment and concur with the view of the Council of Interstate Cooperation as articulated in the
communique pertaining to lack of progress by the FGS on issues of national importance, such as, on security, political instability and judiciary.

We, further share similar view on the grave concern and bleak uncertainties expressed by the Council of Interstate Cooperation with respect to political polarization driven by the FGS.

The current trajectory of political interferences, and authoritarian tendency of the FGS that weaken government institutions have blurred and diverted the FGS on important functions entrusted on them by the constitution, such as fighting extremism, providing basic public service and undertaking development initiatives- theses current trends underpin the misplaced priorities of the FGS.

It is obvious how the politicization of security institutions, the independent offices, such as the office of Auditor General and the office of the Attorney General affect the system of democratic governance.

Such politicization of independent institutions undermines the separation of powers between the three branches of governments as enshrined in the constitution.

It is outrageous and neglect of responsibility by the president to call FMS for a conference on Mogadishu, on September 17-18, 2018 without acknowledging and addressing the serious concerns expressed in the communique.

Yet, the president continues this blatant interference by urging vice presidents of FMS to oppose the communique issued by the Council of Interstate Cooperation

We, further welcome the self determination conference called for by the FMS to be held in Garoowe on October 10, 2018. We are in the opinion that the Federal Government of Somalia has an ample time to respond to and to address the legal concerns articulated by the FMS as well as other important issues that will affect the transition to peace, democracy and governance.

It is paramount to note that Somalia has embraced a system of federalism as enshrined in the provisional constitution, which mandates the FGS to cooperation with FMS. Particularly, articles 51, 52 and 53 of the provisional constitution clearly define the cooperative relationship between the FGS and FMS, a clear juxtaposition of the different roles of the centre and the periphery, which requires dialogue, compromise and consensus on matters of national interest.

Federal member States and political parties have stakes on the Somali politics and the Federal Government of Somalia has to engage with them consult with them on important national issues, as they have a significant role to play on the direction the country is heading. Political parties are ready to play that constructive role

We call upon all Somalis to embrace and support good governance based on rule of law and the supremacy of the constitution

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