Somali PM returns to Mogadishu after talks with Ahlu Sunna

MOGADISHU — Somalia’s Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire and his delegation have returned to the capital of Mogadishu, after lengthy talks with Ahlu Sunna militias’ leaders.

Mr. Khaire’s delegation was warmly welcomed by members of his cabinet and lawmakers at Aden Adde airport in Mogadishu earlier on Saturday.

He is scheduled to attend the burial for Mogadishu mayor Abdirahman Osman.

The slain mayor Osman is expected to be airlifted from Qatar’s capital, Doha to Mogadishu for burial.

Osman succumbed to his injuries in Doha hospital after he was seriously injured in a suicide attack on his office last month.

The attack was claimed by al Shabaab, al Qaeda linked group fighting to overthrow the weak-western backed government of Somalia.



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