Somali parliament turns into chaos over political row

MOGADISHU – Hundreds of Somalia lawmakers have been seen standing in line to move into parliament headquarters to debate two agendas plus an impeachment motion against speaker of the parliament, Mohamed Sheikh Osman, amid political row is building up in Mogadishu.

The speaker Jawari, along with armed police soldiers came and then entered into headquarters, amid over 100 legislators, who are supporting the motion, was standing in line for waiting to move into hall, according to journalists.

Farhio Mohamed, TV journalist, said that the biggest challenge had not been the planned different agenda’s up for discussion (Beled Hawo & Motion), saying “it was who will chair Wednesday’s session. 1st Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey claimed that he is the acting speaker, while Jawari insists that he remains in charge”.

Mohamed says most of the lawmakers had returned back home, adding that the legislators could not get access to move into as the gate of the parliament was locked down over security reasons.

Hours of deadlock after, the Lower House has been suspended until further notice as Amisom forces take full charge of the parliament headquarters in Mogadishu.

Talks between House leadership led by Speaker Mohamed Jawari and African Union (AMISOM) were held in Villa Hargeisa and agreed the business of the House be suspended ‘until a time when the atmosphere is good’.

Paul Lokech, AMISOM commander urged Somali leaders to end all political differences with dialogue, adding that “My fellow brothers and sisters, we have paid a lot to come where we are. But before we put our interests first, we must put the interests of Somalia first”.

‏There was no any press statement by Somali president Mohamed Abullahi Farmajo and his premier Hassan Ali Khaire over the political crises in Mogadishu

Abdi Aziz Hassan Ibrahim is , a somali veteran journalist based in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. Twitter @mareegonline Email: