Somali parliament: The decision making over Mogadishu Status is our responsibility, not the government

Somalia’s Parliament leadership have issued a statement regarding the future of Somali capital Mogadishu amid a new rift between Mogadishu’s municipality and central government intensified after state house known as (Villa Somalia) criticized the administration for the Banadir regional over the lands.

In an official statement, the leadership of Somali Parliament said the decision making on Somali capital Mogadishu status is the Parliament’s job.

“It is important to face jointly everything that can bring political instability and constitutional dispute that can preset retrogressive on the progress of matters before the council assemblies and other constitutional offices in the country” said the statement.

Adding that  “Reaching decision on the position of Mogadishu city to be based on Article 9 of the Constitution suggesting to be determined in the constitutional review & the two houses of the Somali Federal Parliament shall enact a special law on it.”

The House Leadership Council also said that until reaching the conclusion of the Somali Federal constitutional review and creating special law on the position of the capital city by the Parliament, no other person has legal power on this matter.

Meanwhile, Banaadir regional administration issued a statement saying that the process over lands in Mogadishu made according to the Federal constitution.

It died a criticism from Somali president office.

“Our process over the lands in Mogadishu is a clear process which all Somali people living in Mogadishu can get equally” the municipality said.