Somali NOC contributes documents to the creation of IOC’s Management library is having problems of insecurity, but the good governance of its Olympic Committee has led the country to be able to contribute to the creation of IOC’s management library.

The International Olympic Committee showed its full satisfaction with the 2017 activity report and the 2017-2020 strategic plan of Somali National Olympic Committee and as a result asked the country to contribute its useful documents to the creation of the Olympic management library which will be available for all NOCS around the world by April 2018.

IOC praised Somalia for greatly strengthening its management capacities. The governing body of the world’s sports has seen Somalia’s 2017-2020 strategic plan, 2018 action plan, 2017 activity report and as well as the country’s financial policy as very fascinating.

“Somali NOC has agreed to contribute to the knowledge-sharing platform after a request from the IOC. It is our pleasure that our work will be helpful for the creation of the Olympic Library” a statement from Somali NOC’s general secretariat office saidon Thursday.

“Somalia contributed to the creation of the Olympic management library. It is a knowledge-sharing platform and I am sure that some NOCS will benefit from our experience and in return we will benefit more from others” the statement added.

In 2017 Somali NOC accomplished some unprecedented activities including more capacity building workshops and sporting programs throughout the country, as part of Somali NOC’s efforts to spread sport in a country where the sport has already been the biggest peace building and public integration tool.
By Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar
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