Somali MP warns of “anti-Islam law”

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MOGADISHU, Somalia – Somali MP Mahad Salad has warned country’s
parliament to approve what he says is “anti- Islamic law” prepared by
the ministry of women and human rights of Somalia.

Hon. Salad says he warns an anti-Islamic proposal to be brought before
the Somali Parliament, calling on lawmakers not to adopt a law that
contravenes Islamic law.

“I have honor and decorum for our Ministers and Members of the
Parliamentary Assembly, but this bill presented by the ministry of
women and human rights directly contradicts the Islamic Sharia of all
Somalis”, he said on his Facebook.

Hon. Mahad’s statement

Under Article 2, paragraph 1, 2 and 3 of the Federal Constitution of Somalia:

   1) Islam is the religion of the state.
    2) No religion other than Islam can be propagated in the country.
    3) No law may be published in the Universal Declaration of Islam
and its Rules.

Now, if we briefly highlight the provisions of this Legislative Law
against Islamic Shari’ah and the good of the Somali people, they are:

This law attacks the Prophet Muhammad’s NNKH and calls it as a
‘crime’. Under Article 27 of the Law: Every person has committed a
criminal offense to a child if he intentionally marries a minor. ” The
legal age limit for this Act is 18 years under the terms of the
provision of this bill and Article 29, paragraph 8 of the
constitution. Anyone who committed a crime in this article shall be
sentenced to remain 10 or 15 years in jail.”

So, why our religion is doing this?

In the five books of the root of the narration of our Prophet NNKH
(Bukhari (3894), Muslim (1422), Abu Dhabi (2121), Nasaa (3378) and
Ibnu Maajah (1876)) that Muhammad NNKH married her for nine years.

Now, as a criminal act, Muhammad’s NNKH has been a violation of his
dignity and his status and is not something he can accept as an
individual who believes in the apostleship.

This law will not divulge the marriage law and sexuality
(prostitution). As stated in Article 6 of this law is clear: Anyone
commits a criminal offense in the event of a sexual act has been
created with the consent of anyone else.

It is not excluded if the marriage between the two persons is defined
as the term PERSON. Similarly, if both sexes are committed in a
voluntary way, it is not a criminal offense.

As stated in Article 65, paragraph 2 of this law is explicitly stated:
Any act or omission which violates this Law or does not conform to
this Law shall be abrogated and replaced with the provisions of this

This means that this law is strictly limited and inconsistent with any
law that does not conform to the Islamic Sharia.

The debate over this issue was initially seen by the Speaker of the
House of the People, the Judicial, Religious and Religious Affairs of
the House of the People, the Sultans and the Ministry. Talks were
proposed to the ministers and ministers. Therefore, I would advise our
dear colleagues on the recommendation of this lawful act as long as it
is reversed. The Somali people and the nation have not been strangled
with the agenda of foreign policy.

Hon. Mahad Salad

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