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Somali Minister of Finance faces corruption scandal as $20M missed

MOGADISHU – Somali parliamentary committee on finances has accused
country’s Finance Minister, Abdurahman Du’alle Beileh of making
corruption and misusing millions of dollars.

The new report by the committee on finances shows that millions of
dollars are unaccounted, and there is no proper documentation of

The committee said that $20 million which was part of $50 million
budgetary support from Saudi Arabia in 2017 has not been accounted.

The Minister of Finance Beileh was urged to give a full report about
whereabouts of the missed fund as the committee says the money had not
been added to 2018 budget.

Finance Minister Beileh is facing on the spot over violations of the
law and parliamentary resolutions on the execution of the 2018 budget
also exposes instances where some budgetary allocations were used to
offset personal loans and hotel bills.

The committee accuses Minister of Finance of failing to collect taxes
from remittance companies and banks; instead Ministry collects money
from companies using illegal methods, said in a new report seen by
Mareeg Online

The report further added that $1.5 million allocated for emergencies
such as droughts, floods was spent on trips, repairs, rents,
hospitality and hotels.

Somali parliamentary committee on finances reported that a local
government cashier withdrew nearly $6 million from the central bank,
saying it was not clear how the money was spent.

30% is deducted illegally from local government staffers; also there
are individuals working for the local government as advisers,
according to the newly released report.
The local government (Mogadishu administration) received $16.5 million
between January – June 2018, all was spent, and no supporting
documents for most expenses, the report said.

The Ministry of Finance was also accused of widespread
misappropriation of funds. The Committee says the local government did
not have plan for annual expenditure

The fraud claims were denied by Somali Minister of Finance, following
press conference held in Mogadishu.

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