Somali lawmakers is to be offer arms for self defense

On Sunday , 12th  July, some of the MPs, civil servants working in government ministries, staff members of Banadir Regional Administration and all the workers of the government offices were given pistols so that they can defend themselves if attacked.

Senior security official who opted to be anonymous told Dalsan Radio that they distributed 470 pistols to the parliamentarians and government officials yesterday. The former commander of the National Security Department, General Bashir Goobe gave out the order to distribute the pistols which were imported from Sudan and were being kept at the headquarters of the National Security.
This senior official added that the effects of the distributed pistols were felt in Mogadishu as the price of pistols in Mogadishu dropped today.  The price of average pistol was $2000 before the distribution and by today, it lowered to $1,200. Many people are pointing out that the distribution led to the fall in price. Also, no one knows whether the decision to distribute the pistols was solely his or whether the government knew it and ordered it from above.

Since the onset of Ramadan, nearly 70 people including members of parliament, civil servants and civilians were killed in Mogadishu.  Alshabaab rebels threatened that they will continue the hunting down of the civil servants and the government supporters contrary to a pledge by the government that people would break fast in peace.