Somali lawmakers form motion against President Farmajo’s deals with Ethiopia and Eritrea

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Somali lawmakers have on Wednesday formed a new motion against country’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, according to a letter seen by Mareeg Online.

Ten Members of Parliamentarians expressed their concern over the latest agreements signed by Somali President Mohamed and other neighboring countries.

Somali MP Ismail Dahir, who was among members signed the letter said that their motion was against the tripartite agreements which were jointly signed by leaders from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea for the last couple months.

He called the latest contracts as ‘controversial ones”.

Hon. Dahir said the all agreements are needed to be debated by the country’s House of the People of the Federal Parliament.

He added that their motion would be presented to parliament.

The lawmakers’ move comes at a time of political change from the Horn of Africa, after Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia reached tripartite agreements in Ethiopia’s Bahardar last month.