Somalia:Somali insurgents swarm into Mogadishu to scape air strikes * somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Somalia:Somali insurgents swarm into Mogadishu to scape air strikes

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Somali insurgents have poured into the capital of Mogadishu in fear of U.S. air strikes in south and central Somalia.

Falastin Iman, a Voice of America journalist says many of militants, including their commanders had occupied in Hiliwa district of Mogadishu.

Iman quoting sources said the group’s militants poured into the capital, due to U.S. led air strike in surrounding regions of Mogadishu.

She says unusual activities reported at night time in Huriwaa.

It is unclear how many militants poured into the capital of Mogadishu.

The U.S. military has intensified its air strikes targeting rebel-held towns in Somalia.

In a statement, U.S. says it killed 26 fighters with the al-Shabab extremist group with an airstrike in central Somalia, after a pair of strikes earlier last week killed 55.

The U.S. has carried out 24 strikes this year.

Somalia believes U.S. led-operations would defeat the extremist group, which holds large parts of rural central and southern Somalia.

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