somali Information Minister’s Weekly update on Government Progress

Mogadishu, 05 July 2014 – H.E. Mustafa Duhulow today spoke to the media in Mogadishu to provide an update on government progress over the last week. The Minister spoke on various issues: the re-launch of Radio Mogadishu, the Voice of the Somali National Army, the 54th Anniversary of Somali Independency Day, the Minister of Livestock’s visit to Puntland, projects implemented in Hiiraan region, the re-launch of the Dalka Newspaper, the parliamentary approval of the Judiciary Service Commission Law, and the Ramadan Knowledge Competition.

The Minister of Information spoke on the re-launch at Radio Mogadishu of the Somali National Army Radio: “The Prime Minister of Somalia cut the ribbon marking the re-launch of the Somali National Army Radio. The programs aired by SNA Radio focus on the successful of the military operations and encouraging engagement between the military and the people. The re-launch of the radio is part of the army’s policy to do just that: to engage with the public. It is very important for the people to support the radio station in order to provide encouragement to our troops in the fight against Al-Shabaab and other violent, criminal elements, so that people can concentrate on their national duties and the unity of the people.”

The Minister of Information spoke on the 54th Anniversary of Somalia Independency Day: “Somalis inside and outside the country celebrated the 54th Anniversary of our Independency Day enthusiastically and with pride and dignity. This shows how Somali people are passionate about national unity and that they remember the bravery and the sacrifices of their grand-fathers, many of whom paid ultimate prize to gain their independence from colonial rule. On the 1stof July, 1960, the southern regions of Somalia got their independency from Italian colonial rule (the northern regions had won theirs from the United Kingdom a few days before) and at the same time the North and South of the Country united to became Somali Republic. The 54th Anniversary of Independence ceremony, marked by the raising of the flag took place in Mogadishu and was attended by the President, the Speaker, the Prime Minister, the Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the UN, and many other officials. Somalis wherever they were celebrated in style and with dignity. On the 1st July the Prime Minister and other officials walked through the streets in Mogadishu to wish citizens well and at the conclusion of the walkabout the Prime Minister spoke to the ecstatic people gathered at Daljirka Dahson monument.”

The Minister of Information spoke on the Minister of Livestock’s visit to Puntland: “I would like to thank the President and the people of Puntland for their warm welcome and the continuing support provided to the Minister of Livestock during his visit in Puntland between 16 – 30 June 2014. The objective of the visit was to strengthen the relationship between the Federal Government and Puntland. The Minister of Livestock visited Galkayo, Garowe and Bosaso and had meetings with the President, the Vice President and the Minister of Livestock of Puntland as well as many other officials. During his stay in Garowe the Minister visited two projects, one to enhance livestock services and another to devise a Livestock Development Policy. The Minister also visited two veterinary facilities & quarantine centers in Bosaso, one owned by Somali businessmen and another that is owned by Saudi businessmen.”

Minister of Information spoke on projects being implemented in Hiiran: “Recently in Hiiran we have finished projects such as asphalt road resurfacing in the city of Beledweyn, the building of two bridges and the construction of a canal in order to keep the river from flooding and to provide a communal water supply. The asphalt road also features a drainage system. I would like to thank the UK government for assisting the Federal Government and Hiiran Authority for implementing these vial projects for the community as part of the stabilization plan. These projects provided jobs for over 700 local people, on top of Hiiraan authority employing 160 cleaners for the roads.”

The Minister of Information spoke on the re-launch of Dalka Newspaper: “I am very pleased to report to you that we have successfully re-launched Dalka Newspaper on 1st July 2014 as part of the Ministry of Information’s programme of work. Dalka newspaper has unique importance for the people as it provides an opportunity to read news and other features, which in turn will increase the knowledge and inform the opinions of the people. Dalka newspaper is currently a weekly publication but our plan is to publish the newspaper on a daily basis in the near future. Knowledge is power: and every country’s development is hugely dependent on the knowledge of its people; and reading is the prerequisite of knowledge. The Government is committed to providing opportunities for education and for media sector development and the newspaper is part of that plan.”
The Minister of Information spoke on the parliamentary approval of the Judiciary Service Commission law: “The parliament’s 30 June 2014 approval of the Judiciary Service Commission Law was a milestone towards the reform of the Justice sector and the rule of law in Somalia. The Federal Government of Somalia is committed to the reform of the Justice sector in order to ensure that our judicial system is transparent and accountable. As the country is moving towards peace and stability, it is right that we improve our judiciary system so that our people will be confident in the system. People deserve justice that is fair and treats all citizens equally. We want our people to have confidence in the system. For over 23 years the Somali judiciary system lacked a supreme body that nominate, promote, discipline and oversee the work of sitting judges at the district, regional and federal levels. Therefore the parliament’s approval of the legisaltion will be the beginning of fundamental reform of Somali judiciary system.”

The Minister of Information concluded by speaking on the Ramadan Knowledge Competition: “I am very pleased to announce that we started the Ramadan Knowledge Competition successfully via Radio Mogadishu and Somali National TV. The aim of the competition is to enhance public engagement, to provide a knowledge exchange and to strengthen the unity of the people, which in turn will lead us peace and unity. Talented people from nearly all of the regions are taking part in this important competition. I would like to thank the Mayor of Mogadishu for sponsoring the Ramadan Knowledge Competition.”