Somali independent media houses association celebrate Somali Media Day colorful ceremony to mark Somali media day organized by Somali independent media association took place in Mogadishu.

The event which was attended by veteran Somali journalists, , Radio Directors, civil society members and representatives from human right activist and government officials highlighted the plight of Somali media.

Former chief editor of BBC Somali version Yussuf Garad who is described as one of the most experienced Somali journalist said the role of the media in the country is very important and there is need for Somali journalist to feel this important role.

“There is no doubt that you face serious challenges in undertaking your daily duties but I am urging you to transform your challenges into success. “He said

“Educate and inform your audience by giving them quality unbiased media content” he added.

On his part former cabinet minister for information and broadcasting in the government of President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed Mr Dahir Gelle has challenged the Somali journalist to bring back the lost glory of the Somali media.

“Am challenging you to stand up for the revival of this important institution in our country.” he told the journalists

Finally Somali independent media house association Chairman Hassan Ali Gesey sent condolences to the brave Somali journalist who lost their lives during the course of their work in the country.

Mr. Gesey said that the association will look into issues concern to Somali journalist particularly personal security which is top of the agenda of this year.

Somalia is described as one of the most dangerous environments for journalists to work.

2012 was the deadliest on record for Somali journalist with 18 killed according to national union of Somali journalists

SIMHA is Consortium representing the interest of the Radio employers and all other media workers, was established 26/12/2013 by a group of media houses in Somalia.

The new media consortium now represents total 31 media houses (23 FM radios, 6 media printing houses and 2 electronic news. more on