Somali Govt provides protection and safety to rescued 35 kidnapped children from terrorists group

Children play volleyball at an abandoned rice field in Cikawao village of Majalaya, West Java province, Indonesia, September 21, 2017. REUTERS/Beawiharta

Mogadishu, 24 January 2018 – The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) is looking after un-accompanied children that were rescued from terrorists groups on 19 January 2018. These children are now receiving full protection and rights. The FGS will provide all basic services to these children, as the necessity in rehabilitating these children is indeed critical to their long-term physiological and mental wellbeing.

Somali National Security Forces rescued 35 kidnapped male children from an al-Shabaab indoctrination camp in southern Somalia on 19 January 2018. The Federal Government of Somalia received credible information on the location of the camp and the activities that were going on for a while. As soon as the information was verified Somali National Security Forces began their operation, which was very successful.

The Federal Government of Somalia is committed in carrying out military operations in order to bring peace and safety in the country. The FGS will never accept children to be used as militias.

Terrorists group, Al-Shabaab has no regard to the welfare of children and they demonstrated their cruelty to children. Al-Shabaab indoctrinates children and they force them to terrorist’s activities.

The Federal Government of Somalia prioritizes security so that every citizen will enjoy peace and stability in order to develop the nation. The FGS has been making significant progress in retaking territory from the terrorists in order to deny them re-grouping and planning terrorist attacks to civilian areas. The FGS has been re-establishing civil governance, and bringing stability back to the Somali people.


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