Somali Government welcomes the resilience of youth for planning to re-open Pizza House Restaurant following terrorists’ attack * somalia, World News and Opinion.
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Somali Government welcomes the resilience of youth for planning to re-open Pizza House Restaurant following terrorists’ attack

Mogadishu, 18 June 2017 – Somali Government welcomes the resilience of its youth for planning to re-open Pizza House Restaurant as they took bravery step in mobilizing communities to clean up Pizza House Restaurant in Mogadishu, which was destroyed by terrorists groups of Al-Shabaab on 14 June 2017.

H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow), Minister of Information, Culture & Tourism of the Federal Republic of Somalia today supported the efforts of young people to defy terrorists refusing youth to enjoy their lives by going out to restaurants and social places that young people exchange ideas, come together to discuss about their future. Minister Yarisow wrote in his twitter account “Somalia: Youth show resilience & came out to clean the Pizza Restaurant that terrorists destroyed in order to reclaim their country back”

Today’s bravery step by young people attracted the attention of citizens as social media outlets were displayed photos of young people cleaning up the Pizza House Restaurant and showing to the world that terrorists will never win. Young people said that they will keep coming back to these places such as the Pizza House Restaurant that was d


estroyed by terrorists attack. Young people promised to support restaurant owners in order to re-open soon so that terrorists will know that they cannot deny young people their places.

Since 8th of February 2017 when President Farmajo was elected Somali people overwhelmingly came out on the streets voluntarily in support of the government. Somali citizens gave full confidence and a strong mandate to the current government. Somalia is now moving forward to the right direction since leaders, government officials and public at large are all together to bring peace and stability in their country. Somali proverb says “One finger alone cannot wash the face” which means we together can do more for the interest of the greater good of our country.

Minister Eng. Yarisow concluded “Somalis are born resilient and entrepreneurs people as each hotel or businesses that terrorists destroyed were built up again within few weeks. This is the spirit of Somali unity against terrorists that kill innocent people while the government is protecting its citizens. By cleaning up and re-opening Pizza House Restaurant sends strong message to terrorists that business as usual and terrorists cannot harass people anymore. Somalia moves on and it will be a matter of time before we eliminate the threat posed by terrorists in Somalia.”



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