Somali Federal security forces stop tribal clashes

Somali Federal Army   succeeded in ending the fight between tribal militias recently started fighting near adale city.

Speaking to media, the Commander of the Battalion of the Armed Forces General said his troops were successful to restore order after long struggle and made the militias to withdraw from the frontlines of the conflict zone.

“The Armed Forces of the country succeeded making the tribal militias to retreat from the frontlines of the warring sides; talks to be held on what has happened and the situation is stable now” said Commander Ahmed.

The tribal clashes occurred in Run nirgood location under jowhar city which is the regional headquarter of Hirshabell administration. The fight has caused death and injuries to the both side involved in the skirmishes says the army commander.

Normalcy has returned to the location and the traditional elders of the two militias are busy and engaged to discuss the tragic incident and how to maintain peace.

More than 20 people lost their lives in fight tribal clashes and the wounded are much more than the death though now the traditional elders initiated to investigate what transpired between the two tribes that led to full scale war.

The fight was instigated by pasture grounds in the location. The deputy   president of Hirshabel regional state   appeal to the tribal militias appeals to both side to stop fight.


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