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Somali election abusers! You have been warned the United States and British governments announced that they will go after Somali-Americans and Somali-British citizens respectively who are abusing, manipulating and thus are threatening the credibility of the electoral process taking place in Somalia at present and its outcome. The American statement warns perpetrators that “grave instances of corruption by US citizens overseas are punishable under US law”. The British government warns that the UK Bribery Act also applies to British Nationals overseas and that “grave instances of corruption by British citizens overseas are punishable under British law”. Marvellous !!! In their statements regarding the current on-going election in Somalia, both countries also expressed “grave concern” over several electoral irregularities, delays, and discrepancies as well as closed-door decisions made by the countries’ leadership. We have to celebrate that there are American and British laws designed to hold into account corrupt dual citizenship politicians no matter wherever they may be. We strongly welcome the American and British decision on the matter and ask other democratic countries like Canada, Australia, Kenya and Ethiopia to follow this noble example and issue similar statements as we are sure they have the same laws.Although the exact number of current MP’s holding dual citizenship in Somalia is unknown, it is assumed that over half of those sworn so far hold a foreign passport. Furthermore all of the so called presidential candidates have dual foreign citizenship. Dual citizenship holders should not be allowed in the first place to serve and be president of the country because of conflict of interest and the enormity of the challenges facing the nation and its people. Their track record says all.  By buurfuule

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