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Somali Diaspora Mark 27th anniversary of Borama and Awdal citizens massacre in Northern Somaliland


Today the 4 of February is 27th anniversary of the brutal massacre of the Awdal and Borama citizens in Northern Somalia known as Somaliland.The Atrocities was committed by non-other the sitting Somaliland president Mr Muse Biixi. The communities of this two cities call the administration today to address a major concern from the people from Awdal & Salal and Borama who they claim are under the oppression from the majority tribe muse Bihi and his administrations.

According to the elders of Gudabiiris clan, some 1000 civilians and children were killed in a frenzy of murder, torture, rape, arson and looting in the six weeks after the NSM militia entered Borama city, on 1991. The Militia was commanded by young colonel Mr Muse Bihi who is the present-day Somaliland president who hails from Isaq clan.
It remains one of the worst massacre ever happen on Somali soil and between this the two-neighbouring communities of Isaq and gudabiisi:

Many in the diaspora has taken their anger on social media today condemning the massacre and call the Human right organisation to investigate the abuse that has taken place in 1991.TThe people of Borama has been denied any opportunities and equality under the Somaliland administrations including free expression of their Ideological and political beliefs.

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