Somali children benefit from generous donation by the Nation’s basketball mother

Read Time:2 Minute, 24 Second what has been recognized as an ‘unprecedented’
move, Somali basketball Federation vice president for techniques, development and
international relations Mrs. Hawa Sheik Ahmed (Hawa Taako) has on Sunday
presented a generous donation of different kinds of basketball equipment to
local basketball clubs, school children and youth district teams in the country,
as part of what she termed as ‘her encouragement’ for the growth of Somali
from the bottom.
Some Universities and regions also benefited from
the generous donation by Hawa Taako who was Somali women’s National team
playmaker in 1980s. Her husband Dr. Osman Shiis was also a national team top
scorer in the same period.
The female vice president who is known here in the
country as ‘the mother’ of Somali basketball while some also call her the
basketball’s iron lady displayed the thousands of dollars worthy equipment in a
colorful ceremony held at the Lido Sea Food restaurant in the Lido beach resort
of Mogadishu in the presence of scores of high profile individuals including
law makers.
“Taking advantage from this opportunity, I would
like to call upon other retired players who are now living in Europe and north
America and as well as business people to follow behind me and help their
country’s sport and in particularly the basketball which is the vent we had
enjoyed dozens of years ago” Mrs. Hawa Taako told the presentation ceremony on
“I would like to thank all those who raised the
money we spent for buying the equipment including my husband Dr. Osman Shiis,
my children and other Somali patriots who are committed to promoting basketball
in Somalia. I promise here in front of you that I will always play a key role
in the development of Somali basketball” said Hawa taako.
She said the equipment was allocated for young
boys and girls to educate them in basketball. The equipment composes of: basketballs,
tracksuits, jerseys and shoes.
“I know this is not adequate equipment, but in
the future I am planning to send more equipment to all regions in the country
so that we can make sure that every single boy or girl in the country  get access to
basketball” she said urging
Somali government to build basketball courts everywhere in the country.
However, Female Somali parliament member Ubah Tahlil
Warsame and a representative from Somali women’s association awarded Mrs. Hawa Sheik
Ahmed (HawaTaako) with a trophy and a gold medal for her role in the promotion
of basketball and as well as her efforts to encourage for the introducing of peace
and stability  into the country through
It was in 2008 when Hawa Sheik Ahmed (Hawa taako)
the first individual  who donated such
equipment to female Somali basketball players praising them for playing
basketball while there was still an increasing risk from terrorists.
By Shafi’i  Mohyaddin Abokar

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