Somali and Kenyan leaders set to discuss security and refugee issues in Nairobi

Somali president Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed Farmajo has paid official visit to neighboring country Kenya, as Farmajo set to talk his counterpart Uhuru Kenyata at Kenyan state house in Nairobi.

Both leaders will attend the intergovernmental Authority and Development IGAD which will take place in Kenyan Capital Nairobi.

President Farmajo and Kenyan president Uhuru Kenya set to discuss bilateral relationship between Somalia and Kenya, Somali refugees in Kenya issues and the fighting against Somali based al-Qaeda affiliated group of Al-shabaab, according to source senior government officials in Nairobi.

Thousands of Somali refugees lives in  world’s largest refugee camp in northeastern Kenyan region


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The author is a senior freelance journalist based Somali capital Mogadishu