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Somali-American Relations: Room for Improvemen

By Adv Dr. Abdulqadir Tallman–My country, the United States of America, needs to understand, that the more America, and her allies, try to humiliate Somalis, by placing them under the neighbouring countries, the more recruits Al-Shabaab will find.
My country needs to understand that even if most Somalis don’t like the militants, the international community is driving the Somali people into the arms of Al-Shabab.
The international community cannot be so naive as to dream of a Somalia under Ethiopia/Kenyan rule. And yet, that, curiously, is what they have been trying to achieve, for more than a century now. So, yes. It is a deliberate strategy of the West.
If that wasn’t the case, Kenyan and Ethiopian would never have been allowed to bring their troops into Somalia for peace-enforcement.  Particularly with the existence of a UN Resolution banning the deployment to Somalia of forces from the neighbouring countries That is why I am calling for the withdrawal from Somalia of troops from both Kenya and Ethiopia. Bring Egyptian, Moroccan, Algerian, Indian, Chinese, American, Nepalese, Brazilian, Australian troops. In short, bring troops from every country in the world, with the exception of Kenya and Ethiopia.  Is that asking too much? The ‘international community’ has invaded many a country for violating UN Resolutions. But our neighbours don’t look like they are being invaded for violating a UN Resolution. Can we look to this as an example of the permissibility of violation of the UN Resolutions by friends of the West?

Here is the U.N. Security Council Resolution, which forbids the deployment of forces from neighbouring states on Somali soil:

The ‘international community’ needs to ask itself: where do the Al-Shabaab fighters go after they are driven away by AMISOM and Somali army soldiers from the numerous towns and villages. They just melt into the countryside.  Already they are surrounding and strangling the African and Somali government contingents. Marka, Garbaharrey, Huddur, Kismayo, Elbur, Bulo Barde, Jannale, Dafet, even Mogadishu, the capital, are surrounded by the Shabab fighters. The ‘international community’ has no solution.
The Special Representative of the AU Commission Chairperson (SRCC) for Somalia and head of AMISOM, Ambassador Maman S. Sidikou is appealing for reinforcements.

This ongoing campaign against Al-Shabaab took a long time to mount. And it is already running out of steam. It is evidently the last big campaign by the foreign troops. The logical next step would be, I think, serious talks with Al-Shabaab. If you can’t cut the hand, think about …,etc.
Remember, some Somalis read newspapers and listen to radios. They know the ‘international community’ is badly bogged down in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Nigeria, in Yemen, in Europe, even in America.
Here is FBI director, James Comey, telling all the world, that ISIS is overwhelming his country:…/2…/05/07/isis-attacks-us/70945534/
I hope that America, at the head of the ‘international community’, will focus on solving its own problems, instead of wasting resources on tragicomical ventures -like putting Somalia under Ethiopia and Kenya.
America has kindly granted refuge to more than a hundred thousand Somalis. For America, it is time to consider the feelings of her citizens of Somali descent. For Somali Americans, it is time to reward America for giving us a second lease of life.

This country is vital to the world. Those who talk about destroying it, don’t know what they are talking about. We should get them before they get us. Mostly by re-examining our priorities and policies, without renouncing the use of force, where necessary. Let us borrow some sense from the China and India, from

Germany and Japan. They don’t go to wars in the Middle East every few years.
Al-Shabaab are stone-age tinkers. It may take them decades to get an atomic bomb. America must not give in to Ethiopian and Kenyan fear-mongering.
Somalis I know, dream of an American lifestyle -not its destruction. Why does America insist on antagonizing them?
America doesn’t have to win Kenyan/Ethiopian approval at Somalia’s expense!
America can treat the three countries equally well. Have three friends instead of two.
We, Somali-Americans, fervently hope that America will outgrow the ‘too-little-too-late’ syndrome.

As Winston Churchill once said, America will eventually do the right thing, but only after exhausting all other options.

I pray that ‘exhausting all other options’ won’t take America too long. Al-Shabaab strength and prestige, is growing fast, in and outside Somalia.

There is a UN Security Council Resolution which is being violated by Kenya and Ethiopia.

And the ‘international community’ is rewarding the violators. Do you still wonder why Somalis think of the ‘international community’ as the ‘international conspiracy’ that is waterboarding Somalia, in order to make it accept Kenya/Ethiopian rule?

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