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Siyaad Barre was a Nationalist, regardless of his shortcomings

No one denies that reprisals against Government oppositions were carried and innocent people were victimized. Barre lost his authority, but he did’nt wish to give up on his cause – he desired to hold the nation together to avoid further destabilization or see the country he built, destroyed. In his last speech, he requested from the public to lay down arms, stop looting and he was willing to give up power if that brings peace back. To set the record straight, it’s recommended to watch this documentary “lessons learned from the revolutionary days” – we have to give the recognition Siyaad Barre deserves for all the years he served the nation and forgive for his shortcomings. Now we know, he built the nation, he didn’t destroy it.

Abdisalam Garjeex
Ashburn, Virginia, USA

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