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Somalia:Siilaanyo and Galaydh’s Dastardly Deal in Ainabo

What they did not reckon with is his vengeful and vindictive persona and the damage he can do to take revenge on Somalia. And that is what he did. Adopting the motto that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, he defected to Somaliland to inflict the maximum damage possible on the union by working hand in hand with the secessionist enclave for the dismemberment of Somalia. That is what the Ainabo deal attests to.

Galaydh’s nemeses have also been extended to the people of Buuhoodle for defying his double-dealing treachery to facilitate their capture by Somaliland. In hindsight, conspiracy theorists from the SSC regions, have come to believe, perhaps rightly, that his apparent success to outrun the chasing Somaliland militia in several places in the occupied SSC areas was a maneuver to achieve two objectives: make him look like a hero and help his election, and secondly make him welcome in Buuhoodle, so that once there he can do the enclave’s dirty work. And this is precisely what he is doing. From his hotel room in Buuhoodle, he is doing everything possible to tear its people apart to facilitate its capture by Somaliland.

The more he fails in his mission for Somaliland, the more he becomes like a desperado who took leave of his senses. How else can one describe a man who harangued Siilaanyo at the Ainabo meeting to give him the military means to liberate Buuhoodle (from its people!!) to join Somaliland with all its concomitant bloodbath? That is bound to be music to the ears of the secessionists but in Buuhoodle they see him as a pest who exhausted their tolerance beyond its limit. It would be foolhardy for Mr. Galaydh to think that he can push his luck for ever.

The Ainabo meeting will be remembered not as the one that united the SSC regions with secessionist Somaliland, for that will never happen, but as the swan song of two failed men as they leave the political stage for good. Many will say good riddance. Far from breaking up Somalia, their departure could bring together the people of northern Somalia to do away with what divides them- secession- and once again become the mainstay of the union as they had always been before and since independence.

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