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Shincheonji has successfully done 103,764 graduation in a new history of spreading the Gospel

The first to happen ever and which increases the Shincheonji congregation members by 100,000 in a year. This is delivered through a 6 months Bible study in Shincheonji’s Zion Mission Center.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony,under Chairman Mr. Man Hee Lee, has successfully accomplished the 100,000 united graduation in that more than 100,000 new congregation members officially join the church making a new history of spreading the Gospel.

The total number of graduates were 103,764 people and this are also commission as peace advocates all over the world.

To this end, the new congregation members’ rate of evangelism was 142%. This clearly shows the fast and exponential growth of Shincheonji.

Shincheonji church of Jesus theTemple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony opened the 110th Zion mission center graduation ceremony. This ceremony could not contain all of graduates in one location. So, the graduation ceremony was held in three different locations in South Korea and 112 countries across the world (Africa, Europe, Asia, America and Oceania) with Kenya included,simultaneously.

This graduation is the process through which new comers join Shincheonji officially after finishingthe 6 months Shincheonji’sZion mission center Bible Study, free of charge..

In this graduation ceremony the Chairman of Shincheonji, Man Hee Lee, said “The secret of Heaven, which God must fulfill, is written in the book of Revelation. The scripture cannot be broken. The Revelation that was written 2,000 years ago, must be fulfilled according to what it says.”

Additionally, the Chairman stated that “We must have the actual entities of fulfilment as per the Revelation. The purpose of God is to create the kingdom of God by harvesting the ripened fruit which he sowed 2,000 years ago.Today, God is creating the new kingdom and new people through the people who are born by the seed of God.”

Chairman Lee mentioned that “The world of Shincheonji has been created in accordance with Revelation’sfulfillment, which is the New Heaven and New Earth in Revelation 21. One generation has passed away and a new one is being fulfilled.”

The Chairman also emphasized that “We must express our gratitude to God and Jesus because we are only able to graduate by the grace of God. We truly believe in God, so become the glorious light as the children and family of God. And we must understand the Bible perfectly.”

Aron Kim, who gave the speech as the representative of the graduates, introduced himself as a missionary who used to work in Brazil and was born from a family of 3 generations of pastors. Feeling sorry, Aron Kim said “The hardest part, which broke my heart, during my learningof the revealed word in Zion mission center is the realization that I was teaching people lies.”

Kim asked himself “How can I ask for forgiveness, believing to be a pastor of God, but sowing the seed of the Devil?” He concluded by strongly declaring that he will put in full effort to do the harvest, and repay this grace to God and Jesus,who saved him, forever.

Another speaker Su Ji Choi said ” Iwas more loyal than any other person to my church, and I saw the realities of Christianity during work in Christian Broadcasting. So, I saw every video of Shincheonji that was made from CBS (Christian BroadCasting System), and knew every rumor flowing inthe internet. However, the reason why I’m coming up here is that this Shincheonji church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony is the promised temple, which God dwells in, and the only place the word of life comes from.”

According to this graduation ceremony, increasing 100,000 congregation members in one year is unprecedented and the first ever to happen in the whole world.

It is like 10 large churches which have 10,000 congregation members beingestablished in Shincheonji within one year.

Something of great significance is that only those who pass exam after finishing 6 months of Bible study can join and become members of Shincheonji.

Not only to hear the sermons, which is a passive life of faith, but delivering the true Gospel to the extent that the congregation members increase by 100,000 in one year is unique and shows massive change to all Christianity.

The Bible study of Shincheonji is different from ordinary churches that only aim on History and moral teaching. Shincheonji focuses on the fulfilment of promised prophecy in the Bible. This is another point to lead the fundamental changes of a life of faith in Christianity.

One of Shincheonji members said that 100,000 people graduating at the same time is the first ever in the world. And more than 200,000 people studying in the process of joining Shincheonji, so to follow the trend, Shincheonji will have more than 1 million congregation members in 3 years.”

Thus, it has beenfirmly proven that Shincheonji’s revealed theology is working in the whole world. Different countries have various cultures and religion, but all of them say that the word of Zion Mission Center provesthat God is alive. The unstoppable large stream of change in the religious world has begun, and this change is increasingly becoming faster.

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