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Shanghai Cooperation Organization – Reliable defenders of peace and stability in the region

From June 8 to 9, the 17th meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is being held in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. As an international student of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, majoring in International Politics, I am very happy and honored to have had opportunities to participate in the seminars and intern at China National Institute for SCO International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation” (hereinafter, CNISCO) because I have been studying here for four years, which enables us international students to contribute to the development and deepening of the friendship between the SCO member countries.
On 13 September 2013, at the 13th meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) held in Bishkek, Chinese President Xi Jinping, in his important speech entitled “Promoting the Spirit of Shanghai, and Promoting Common Development” he announced that China will set up CNISCO at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, and is willing to use this platform to train judicial personnel for other member states. This is of great significance to the development of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, but also for the school students since it will bring them more opportunities to contact the world. At present, CNISCO has held a lot of high-level judicial trainings and forums to promote professional exchanges of stability and anti-terrorism officials, to train judicial personnel of the SCO member countries, and to provide international research exchanges and advisory services, which will also bring new opportunities for the international students of the university.
The SCO is an open-minded and balanced international organization. In today’s world, the SCO faces many new opportunities and challenges in the political, economic and military fields. The SCO plays an important role in maintaining and promoting national good-neighborly and friendly cooperation in the region. The organization has always made a significant contribution to the stability of the Eurasian continent, with the goal of maintaining and strengthening regional peace, security and stability, resolutely responding to the destabilizing factors, and proving to the world that “SCO has effectively responded to new threats, counting with the joint efforts of all member states”.
As a reliable defender of peace and stability in the region, the SCO has played an invaluable role. In Central Asia, for example, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, many problems appeared. Under the regulation and adjustment of the SCO, Central Asia has regained its order. The SCO Annual Summit provides a platform for national consultations and friendly exchanges, and its joint anti-terrorism exercises have significantly reduced the potential threat of terrorist organizations to Central Asia.
At the establishment of the SCO, its mission was set to combat terrorism, and it has effectively fulfilled this duty. On the day when the SCO was established, the member states signed the “Shanghai Convention on Combating Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism”, and for the first time in the international community, they made a clear definition of the “three forces”. After the signing of the Convention, in October 2002, China and Kyrgyzstan successfully held joint anti-terrorism military exercises in the border areas of the two countries. Subsequently, the SCO member states held multilateral exercises in Kazakhstan and China’s Xinjiang. The SCO did joint military exercises in Central Asia, which are of great significance to enhance the unity and cooperation among member countries, while they jointly deal with regional terrorist threats and work together to combat the “three forces”.
The SCO was established to promote and deepen good-neighbourliness, mutual trust and friendly relations among member states, consolidate regional security and stability, and at the same time open up new horizons for cooperation in national economic fields. China has made great contributions to promoting economic cooperation and development among SCO member states and called on the other member countries to further deepen cooperation in the economic field.
In recent years, member states have deepened cooperation in the field of humanities, which has become one of the organization’s key works. Each year, the cultural exchange activities held jointly between member states have promoted the development of cultural exchanges and cooperation that further enhances mutual understanding and friendship among the people of each country.
The SCO has always adhered to the principle of equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit, and has provided strong guarantee for the stable development, security and prosperity of the region. It is hoped that the SCO member states will adhere to the basic principle of “Shanghai Spirit” and harmonious development, and continue to practice the cooperative mode of consensus, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, creating a cooperative atmosphere for regional development.

(Author: Bibolatova Akmaral, Kazakhstan student majoring in International Politics of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law)

(Source: People’s Daily)

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