Saying Goodbye to UN Sanctions Against Eritrea

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It isn’t often the UN Security Council votes unanimously to remove
sanctions against a country, but this past Wednesday, November 14 they
did just that by saying goodbye to nine years of UNjust punishment
against the small, socialist, east African country of Eritrea.

It was Christmas Eve, 2009 when the USA forced through UN Security
Council sanctions against Eritrea, with Ambassador Susan Rice storming
out into the hallway and ordering a tardy South African Ambassador
back into the room so she would have enough votes to pass her edict
which would falsely accuse Eritrea of supporting terrorism in Somalia.

It turns out, thanks to Wikileaks, the whole purpose of the sanctions
was to sabotage the Eritrean economy by preventing German banks from
funding the fledgling Eritrean mining industry.

We know, again thanks to Wikileaks, that, in the words of the senior
US diplomat in east Africa and later acting Assistant Secretary of
State for African Affairs, Don Yamamoto way back in 2007, that
Eritrean involvement in Somalia was “insignificant”.
Remember, one of the instigators of this classic piece of “fake news”
was the Queen of Chaos herself, Hillary Clinton, who alongside her
erstwhile enemy, Susan Rice, used their paid minions in the human
rights organizations such as HRW’s hitman Tom Malinowski (just elected
to the US Congress) to get the ball rolling, spreading their fake news
across the media. Guilty as charged, no matter the complete lack of
evidence, full speed ahead with the smear campaign. Eritreans must
kneel down and give up our socialist way of life, with brutal
consequences to be borne if Pax American was not obeyed.

Nine years later Eritrea has survived crippling sanctions and emerged
victorious by bringing peace to the Horn of Africa, concluding a peace
deal and ending twenty years of no-war-no-peace with our neighbor

The humble camel is a symbol of Eritrea, having played such a critical
role supplying Eritrean freedom fighters during their thirty year
independence war, so much so its image is on the Eritrean national
currency, the Nakfa.

So when the camel is marching, so goes the saying, the Eritrean people
are headed towards victory. And when the camel is marching the dogs
are barking, or so the saying continues, for the barking dogs of
betrayal and defeat living in the west who spread the slander of
support for terrorism by Eritrea across the globe

As Eritreans around the world rejoice in the lifting of UN sanctions
against their homeland the world has seen an all to rare event, an
unanimous UN Security Council ending UNust sanctions against a
socialist country, this time the small east African country of

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and
reporting from here since 2006. See thomascmountain on Facebook,
thomascmountain on Twitter or best reach him at thomascmountain at g
mail dot com

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