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Saudi Aribia deport a Saudi citizen to Somalia and social activist Omar Osman to the Somali capital, Mogadishu , after nearly three months of stopping by passports eastern region claim that abuse runs in the two institutions and the impact that it has been subjected to the decision of the dimensions for the Kingdom without elaborating any other reasons for the citizen in addition to the lack of passing the trial of legal legitimacy for the issuance of the deportation decision .

Meanwhile tried to those with age and some elders eastern region to provide proof to the effect that the detainee Omar is a Saudi citizen and that the owners of Biography good in his work in the service of society and the nation , but all these attempts did not bear fruit until he was deported outside the country to Somalia on Friday morning.

” Harmony ” in turn continued conversation with Omar Osman to know details of the case , said in his speech to the harmony : ” The story began with me when I was summoned by the management of arrivals in the passports of the Eastern Region before vacation pilgrimage few days have been informed about the decision of the dimensions of my right of Kingdom issued by the Ministry of the Interior , content I person contrary to the systems work and residence in Saudi and Somali nationality and work in both institutions , has Avdthm that these data mentioned is incorrect , I was born Saudis in the kingdom father Saudi and I am not a resident of a Somali Omkhalva systems work as mentioned decision and my two institutions also incorrectly been provided all the documents which show this confusion and left after the administration arrivals bail adversarial . ”

On 16 Dhul Hijja 1434 AH connection of management arrivals Istdona from which to sign some documents only by what they call, which is for the case and then leave the administration, but I discovered it was a trick of them, unfortunately, when I went there there were not any documents to sign, but I was stopped immediately and my deposit in prison Dammam deportation for 8 days and unfortunately also been taking Besmata forcibly entered into the system and electronic passport that I abuse Somali and then I was transferred to a prison in Riyadh to complement the deportation proceedings deported outside the Kingdom. ”

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The Amplified Omar said, “and actually arrived from the eastern region to relay Riyadh him to relay Shemaysi in Jeddah and I tried very hard during my time in the deportation of Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah, which lasted for nearly three months to clarify the matter and try to decipher this confusion, and provide a letter of complaint to the Minister of Interior of this decision , as well as to the Emirate of Riyadh request my release and dismantling of this confusion, but to no avail as they come all the responses do what is needed according to the instructions, and was then issue a travel document temporary me of Somalia Embassy in Riyadh were deported directly to the Republic of Somalia from King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and the funny thing is and speak to the age of the charge that I’ve found written in the letter is that I Trahali from hackers to the country. ”

The colleague Omar Osman is a former journalist at the newspaper today and social activist prominent in the field of youth activities and voluntary work and charity in the Eastern Region where he managed and founded many of the initiatives and projects non-profit organization, and a former player at the club Qadisiyah news was honored by His Highness the Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz match his efforts in the field of youth development and has also hosted in the Shura Council as the first Saudi man giving a speech in which it across through the speech about his opinion on the draft system orphans in the Kingdom, in addition to the hosted numerous universities and conferences to lectures and provide seminars and training courses as well as for age Osman recently on Social Entrepreneurship certificate from the United Nations.

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