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Renewal of Somaliland Special Arrangement

Renewal of the Somaliland Special Arrangement

In 2013 the international community signed a “New Deal Compact” with the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), setting out the priorities and principles governing the partnership between donors and the FGS up until 2016. At the London Conference in May last year, this agreement was replaced by the “New Partnership for Somalia”. This takes forward our partnership through until the end of the current political cycle.

The New Partnership raises the level of our shared ambitions and aims, and reinforces the commitment to mutual accountability first set out under the New Deal.

In agreeing the New Deal, donor and Somali government partners recognised that the situation of Somaliland was different in a number of ways from that of Puntland and what at that time (prior to the establishment of the new Federal Member States – FMS) was described as “south-central” Somalia. In the light of this, a “special arrangement” was agreed between the parties that would ensure that Somaliland received its fair share of international support, but in a way that was adapted to its own development needs.

In the spirit of transparency and equity, we believe it is both necessary and desirable, and in the interests of all Somalis, to ensure that the arrangements that have worked so well since 2013 can be continued. In the light of this, we are writing to you to seek an assurance that you would have no objection to us reaching an agreement with the authorities in Somaliland that would enable this arrangement to be renewed.

We would of course realign the arrangement with the new terms and conditions set out in the New Partnership, from which we would not deviate in any major way. Our overall aim will be to ensure that all of us as partners hold each other accountable to same rigorous set of goals, behaviours and priorities, and that our partnerships are governed by the same set of core principles.

Alongside this understanding, we would also want to develop a mutual accountability scorecard that would follow the broad aims set out in the framework agreed between us at the Somalia Partnership Forum last December, but with marginal adjustments to take account of the unique circumstances in Somaliland.

In the spirit of full transparency, we will continue to report in full all of our aid flows through the mechanisms set up through the SDRF, including those directed towards or shared with Somaliland.

In making this request, we would wish to underline that while we believe that the special circumstances pertaining to Somaliland when the original Special Arrangement was agreed still apply today, we do not see these circumstances as applying to the FMS that have been created since that time. These are well catered for by, and fully incorporated in, the framework set out at the London Conference under the New Partnership.

We trust you will view our proposals in the constructive and sincere spirit in which they have been framed and provide us with the “no objection” assurance that we are writing to you to obtain. We hope that a renewed Somaliland Special Arrangement will not only serve to depoliticise our aid relationship with the Somali people to the benefit of all, but also serve to build goodwill and trust between the parties involved and support a wider, constructive dialogue on issues of common concern.

We are of course ready to provide further details of our ideas and how they might best be carried forwards at your convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Phil Evans Per Karlsson Guglielmo Giordano
Co-chair SDRF Co-chair Co-chair
  Somalia Donor Group Somalia Donor Group
Country Director Head of Development Head,
DFID Somalia Cooperation Italian Agency for Development
  Somalia Section Cooperation
  Embassy of Sweden Somalia Office


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