Religious Cleric and Civil Society in Baladweyne Disprove Discrimination Against Minorities

The number of the poor and the minorities from different parts of Hiiraan Region is increasing in Baladweyne after they were displaced by conflicts and droughts from where they used to live.

However, some of them do complain from discrimination. Barlian Muhumad
Abdi hails from the minority groups. Hereby, she laments how some people
discriminate against her, ‘we are
discriminated against. Our problems include biasness towards us and lack of assistance.

They say you are this and that clan. We have been here for long and no one care
us. Even, other people were given houses but us we were not assisted in any how’.

The discrimination against minorities doesn’t include insults only, but
there are also physical attacks against them. Now, what is the Islamic jurisdiction
regarding the matter? I put that question across to Sheikh Abdirahman Sheikh
Abdile who is one of the religious clerics in Baladweyne and this is what he
had to say, ‘the Islamic religion doesn’t
allow discriminating people because there is nothing to discriminate them for. I
say this because Islam doesn’t discriminate people regardless of their clan..
and there is no clan that is better than the others. But someone can be held accountable
for any offence he or she commits’.

Deeqa Mohamed Musa is a member of civil society organization which
operates in Baladweyne. She said minorities are looked down upon at public
places such as institutions of learning. ‘When
someone is discriminated against, they become disappointed such that they may
shun the school. They may drop out of studies. If a man tries to have relationship
with a lady from minority clan, people may say do you know the lady you were
standing there with that day? She is from such a minority clan so watch out! Some
people may tell her why he abandoned her and she might consequently become
Deeqa said.

She may not come to the market for a long time. She would think she is unequal to others when she walks on the way. It is very terrible to be discriminated against since one’s birth time’. She

In Somalia, there are many peoples who are discriminated against the
rest for nothing. When you ask people why these people are mistreated and
called names, people give unjustifiable and meaningless pretexts.


By Aden Mohamed Warsame,

Dalsan Radio.