Somalia:FIFA recognizes Somalia ‘communications role model’ in CECAFA region The international football Federation (FIFA) has termed the media department of the Somali Football Federation as the ‘leader in communications’ in the East and Central Africa region telling other CECAFA affiliated federations to learn from Somalia.

The FIFA media relations manager Mrs. Segolene Valentin made the announcement at the launch of CECAFA communications seminar in Dar Es Salaam on May 1st as she praised Somali Football Federation for successfully accomplishing all media communications-related developments.

“Somalia is the communications leader in the CECAFA region and Somali Football Federation is fully praiseworthy for making such tangible progress—I urge the other CECAFA member associations to follow the examples of Somalia” FIFA media relations manager Mrs. Segolene Valentin said in her address at the launch of the CECAFA communications seminar on Thursday.

“Applaud for Somalia for the huge move forward” she told at the seminar which gathered presidents, secretary Generals and media officers from member associations of the council of east and central Africa football associations (CECAFA).

She said that documentation of what has been accomplished by every single federation was more important, adding that Somalia was the sole country in the region which displayed a magazine of activity reports and has its own website updated regularly.

“This is the work that every media officer must do” FIFA media relations manager Mrs. Segolene Valentin said as she held the SFF activity report magazine in her hand, praising the beautiful job done by the Somali FA media department under the leadership of chief Media officer Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar.

CECAFA president Leodegar Tenga noted that FIFA and the regional football body were engaged in huge cooperation relating to the development of media in the east and central Africa region.

“It was in 2012 when I met with Emmanuel Mardas of FIFA media discussing with him about the idea to organize this seminar and I am really very happy that our endeavours had come true” CECAFA president Leodegar Tenga told the seminar terming Mr. Emmanuel Mardas as ‘a very close’ friend of CECAFA.

CECAFA secretary General Nicholas Musonye said that his regional football governing body was very grateful to FIFA and in particularly President Joseph S Blatter and his secretary General Jerome Valcke for making all possible efforts to make sure that the region benefits from such very important seminar.

“CECAFA is committed to doing its utmost to develop the media and administration sectors of its member associations” secretary General Nicholas Musonye said during his address at the launching ceremony of the two-day workshop.

Musonye said he was very hopeful that such seminars will continue to help develop media and communications sectors of the CECAFA-member nations.

Somali Football Federation assistant secretary General Amir Abdi Hassan who addressed at the seminar outlined the policy and the annual activity plans of the Somali Football Federation Media department which has been publishing the SFF magazine for the past several years.

“Somali Football Federation believes that without an organized and professional media football cannot grow and that is why the SFF had decided to invest in the media department which is the responsible body and hugely worked that our messages appear in the news headlines everywhere in the world and that FIFA is fully aware of what we are doing day by day” Mr. Amir Abdi Hassan noted.

“We also keep good cooperative relations with the privately-owned and as well as the pubic media both in the country and the outside world and the Somali Football Federation believes that media is a major stakeholder—I want to thank our media officer Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar for maintaining good relations with the local and international media” Mr. Amir Abdi Hassan explained.

The head of FIFA development programmes Mr. Cyrl loisel and the head of FIFA digital media Fabrice Deschamps and as well as the head of FIFA performance programme Mr. Marco Schupb delivered lectures at the 2-day seminar which was the first of its kind ever held for the CECAFA region.