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Raila Odinga seeks US help to end political impasse

Nasa leader Raila Odinga yesterday asked Kenya’s international partners to engage the country more robustly and help it end the current political stalemate.

In a 30-minute lecture in Washington, DC, Mr Odinga asked the West to act, saying Western diplomats had concentrated more on guarding against the rise of extremism and terrorism, ignoring the democratic space in the protracted dispute over the presidential elections this year.


“I have come to Washington to convey a simple message: We need a much fuller engagement in the many arms of government that your country possesses to assist the envoys in Nairobi,” he said at the Centre for Security and International Studies.

“The envoys’ efforts up to now have not succeeded in defusing the crisis and let me be blunt: They have sometimes contributed to the crisis,” he said and accused the western countries of leading Kenya on the path of electoral autocracy and dictatorship.

“Kenya’s is not just an electoral crisis triggered by a third straight stolen election … Let me be blunt: Kenya is hurtling towards an outright dictatorship.

The Jubilee government has looted every institution that they could to achieve their goal of controlling the state, or their self-declared goal of running up to 2032,” said Mr Odinga, adding that he was convinced Kenya needed a fresh credible election. Read more on from source http://www.nation.co.ke

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